RitualX CBD Formula One Hemp Extract 300mg

RitualX CBD Formula One Hemp Extract 300mg

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  • A tincture is the purest form of CBD
  • There's no risk of psychoactive effects
  • Tasteless and odorless

This product is a full spectrum product which contains less than 0.3% THC , which is the legal limit.


    • Tinctures are a blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and a carrier oil that are typically administered under the tongue for quick absorption into the body. A tincture product is administered sublingually (placed under the tongue) and held there for 30 to 60 seconds. This allows for increased absorption via mucous membranes in the mouth, and also partially bypasses premature cannabinoid breakdown in the liver
    • Tincture Dosage Guidelines

      Cannabinoid dosing is highly individualized and is completely different from how physicians and patients manage prescription medications, which understandably leads to confusion on how much CBD to take.

      It is important to note that cannabinoids are non-FDA regulated and specific dosing guidance is not allowed. This means that a company can’t tell you exactly how many milligrams of CBD you should take for your condition.

      Fortunately, this is not a large barrier due to the fact that cannabinoid dosing is highly individualized. For instance, one person may need 2 mg a day to alleviate symptoms, while another person with the same condition may require 200 mg. 

      Keeping this in mind, the following is a suggested process to determine your dosage:

      300 mg Tincture Dosing

    • Start with 1/4 dropperful  (2.5 mg) twice a day for 3 days. One dose in the morning or afternoon, and the next dose at night.
    • After three days, assess how that particular dosage works for you.  If you are not satisfied with your results, you should increase the dose to 1/2 dropperful (5 mg) twice a day for the next 3 days.
    • If you are still not satisfied with your results, increase to 3/4 dropperful (7.5 mg) twice a day for the next 3 days.
    • Continue to increase the dose by 1/4 dropperful (2.5 mg) every three days until you find your optimal dose.